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Big potato small potato go Dutch at sixes and sevens Talk fish couch potato


考点1.How much is the T-shirt? It’s 7 dollars.

询问价格的两种表达方法:How much is ........

What’s the price of.......

若询问的东西是可数名词单数或不可数名词,谓语动词用is 若询问的东西是可数名词复数或不止一种东西,谓语动词用are 答语:It’s/They’re+价格。

How much is your sweater? It’s 50 dollars.

How much is the coat?=what’s the price of the coat? It’s 5 yuan. How much are these pants? ( )$20.

A.This is B.It’s C.That’s D.They are

考点2.Can I help you? 请问,您要点什么?您需要帮忙吗? May I help you? What can I do for you

而不说:What do you want


否定回答;No,I am just looking around./Just have a look.

1.Can I help you,sir

Yes,please.I’d like some oranges.

2.Can I help you

Thank you very much.Could you help me take these books to the classroom.


1.当别人借东西时,你把东西给别人,Here you are.

2.当对方寻找东西,你帮他找到了,Here it is/Here they are. 注意:有时可以混合使用,译为:给你

May I use you pencil

A.Never mind B.You are welcome

C.It doesn’t matter D.Certainly.Here you are.

考点4.I’ll take it.我要了,我买了



带走、take ma to your home

照相、take a picture

乘交通工具、take the bus

花费 It take sb aome time to do sth

买下=buy/have get This bike is very nice.I’ll take it. You can’t take it.It’s too dear.

Let’\\’s too cheap.

A. Buy B.put on C.sell D.buy

考点5.Thank you 答语小总结

You are welcome/That’s all right/That’s OK/Not at all/It’s my

pleasure/No worries(澳大利亚人常用的口语

Thanks a lot.

A.That’s right B.You are welcome C.That’s all right

D.No thanks.

考点6.We sell our clothes at very good prices.

以优惠的价格 at good price 以高价 at high price

以低价 at low price

How much are the shoes?改为同义句

考点7.For girls,we have skirts in red and purple for only $20. 第一个for 强调对象


We have great bags for 12yuan

In 的用法

We have black trousers( )only $22.

A,at B,in C.in D.withwww.shanpow.com_七年级上册英语第七单元知识点。

考点8.Come and buy your clothes at.......

***祈使句,请求,命令,警告,建议,禁止等的句子为祈使句 主语常是第二人称you,省略,常与please 连用。


Please sit down.

Don’t open your books,please. Don’t be late.


巧计:祈使句,无主语,动词原形做谓语,客气加上please. **come and buy come and see come and look at...... 代双宾语的词,buy,teach,give,send,show

Buy sb sth=buy sth for sb.

Please buy me an English dictionary.


He bought the computer for 2000 yuan.


He buys a notebook from the book store.

She likes reading.She usually( )some books from Xinhau Bookstore.

A.buys B.lends C.borrows D.sells



She is also a student. I also like English very much.www.shanpow.com_七年级上册英语第七单元知识点。


She is a teacher,too. She is,too,a teacher.

区别:for sale和on sale廉价出售



Unit7 How much are these socks? 短语归纳:

1.how much 多少钱 2.clothes store服装店 3.at very good prices以很低的价格 4.Big Sale!大降价 5.a pair of black shoes一双黑色的鞋子 用法集萃:

1.-How much is/are?-It's/They're它/他们 -How much =What's the price of

2.I'll take it.我买了。

3.in+颜色 (穿某种颜色的衣服)

4.What color do you want?你想要买什么颜色的?

5.buy sth. from sb.从某人那买某物 buy sth.for sb.=buy sb.sth.

6.sell sth.to sb.把某物卖给某人 典句必背:

1.-How much is the hat?这顶帽子多少钱?

-It's 5 dollars.5美元

2.-How much are those black trousers?那条黑色的裤子多少钱? -They're 9 dollars.9美元。

3.-Can I help you?我能帮你吗?-Yes, please.好的。

4.-Thank you.谢谢。-You are welcome.别客气 辨析:

1.how much与how many"多少"

(1)how much后接不可数的名词,用于提问不可数名词的数量或是提问价格

句式:How much +不可数名词+一般疑问句?

(2)how many后可数名词复数,用于提问可数名词的数量

句式:How many+可数名词的复数+一般疑问句?

2.one与it 两者均可作为代词,代替上文出现过的名词,但用法不同 one指代“同名异物”,即指代与前面事物同属一类的事物,并不是指同一个事物,如果指代同类事物中的一些,要用ones.


3.clothes意为“衣服”,统指身上的各种衣服,包括上衣,裤子,内衣等,它不能与数词直接连用,单可以用these,those,some等词来修饰。本身是复数形式,做主语时,谓语动词总用复数形式,但是如果用量词suit来修饰,谓语动词应和量词suit在单复数形式上保持一致。 语法专项:







  There is a new mall down the street.

  2喜欢购物 like shopping


  I’d like to go shopping, but I don’t have any money.

  4请跟我来Please come with me.

  5我需要你来令所有的包。I need you to carry all the bags.

  6书店bookshop服装店clothes shop礼品店gift shop鲜花店flower shop

  鞋店shoe shop体育用品店sports shop 超市supermarket 玩具店toy shop

  7就要来了。Christmas is coming.

  8我想给Simon买一份礼物。I want to buy Simon a present.

www.shanpow.com_七年级上册英语第七单元知识点。  9什么怎样What about a music CD

  10我不确定I’m not sure.

  11也许他对音乐不感兴趣。Maybe he’s not interested in music.

  12他喜欢收集邮票He likes collecting stamps.

  13不用谢You’re welcome.


  1我能为你服务吗?Can I help you? / What can I do for you

  2我想要一些足球卡片。I want some football cards.

  3稍等一会Just a minute.

  4这儿有一些漂亮的卡片Here are some nice cards.

  5看一看Take a look.

  6他们值多少钱?How much do they cost

  7他们是每个两元。They’re two yuan each.

  8那不是便宜的That’s not cheap.

  9去年的卡片怎么样啊?How about last year’s cards

  10我想要为我的朋友买一份礼物。I’d like to buy a gift for my friend.


  There are different kinds of hair clips in our shop.

  12他们与她粉色的外套相配。They match her pink coat.

  13那是足够的That’s enough.

  14我就买他们I’ll take them.

  15这是你的零钱Here’s your change.

  16与……相配go well with


  I want to buy some presents different from Amy’s.

  18我有足够的钱买他们。I have enough money for them.


  1你想要一些茶吗?Would you like some tea

  2为了晚会我们需要许多东西。We need many things for the party.

  3饮料怎么样?What about drinks

  3我们也需要一些纸杯We also need some paper cups.

  4在它的周围有一些商店。There are some shops around it.

  5有一个书店在我们学校附近。There is a bookshop near my school.


  There are hair clips, music boxes and some other nice things.


  Not far away from my school, there is also a supermarket.


  1你怎样使用你的零花钱?How do you use your pocket money


  Would you like to help the children in some poor areas

  3他们最需要书。They need books most.

  4他们能从他们中学到很多。They can learn a lot from them.

  5他们总是走很长的路到学校。They always walk a long way to school.


  We can use our pocket money to buy them these things.

  7感谢你的帮忙。Thank you for your help.

  8我想要一双鞋。I’d like a pair of shoes.

  9你是什么尺寸?What’s your size


  10我能够试穿他们吗?Can I try them on

  11他们很合身。They fit very well.

  12那是太贵了。That’s too expensive.

  13我们能看另一双吗?Can we see another pair


  1一个新的购物中心a new shopping mall

  2它是靠近一个公共汽车站台。It is near a bus stop.


  There are five floors of shops and each floor is big.

  4我们可以在这儿买到不同种类的服装。We can get different kinds of clothes here.

  5它有许多有趣的书。It has lots of interesting books.

  6所有的餐馆在顶楼. All the restaurants are on the top floor.

  7有来自于不同地区的食物。There are foods from different areas.

  8那儿的食物真的很棒。The food there is really great.


  I like watching films, so the big cinema is my favourite place in the mall.


  The mal is a good place to meet friends and have fun.




  1你在做什么?What are you doing

  2我正在考虑穿什么。I’m thinking about what to wear.

  3我可以再花10分钟在床上。I can spend ten more minutes in bed then.

  4你是如此懒。You are so lazy.


  Can you lend us your red blouse for our fashion show

  6你的衬衫是什么尺寸?What size is your blouse


  1欢迎来到我们的时装表演。Welcome to our fashion show!

  2来自于7年级1班from Class 1, Grade 7


  We are going to show you different styles of clothes.


  4看我Look at me.

  5我正穿着运动服和一双运动鞋。I am wearing sports clothes and a pair of trainers.


  Trainers are light and comfortable and are popular among young people.

  7SIMON过来了。Here comes Simon.


  He is wearing a purple shirt and a pair of grey trousers.

  9它的红灰相间的领带与他的服装相配。His red and grey tie matches his clothes.

  10他看起来神气。He looks smart.

  11他们看起来酷。They look cool.


  Amy is wearing a yellow cotton blouse and a blue scarf.

  13他们两人都穿蓝色牛仔裤。Both of them are wearing blue jeans.

  14年轻人真的喜欢牛仔裤。Young people really like jeans.


  She is wearing a red silk blouse, a black wool skirt and a pair of red boots.

  16她看起来又时尚又漂亮。She looks modern and beautiful.

  17那就是今天的时装表演的全部内容。That’s all for today’s show.

  18感谢到来。Thanks for coming.

  19 AMY和DANIEL都穿着蓝色的牛仔裤。

  Both Amy and Daniel wear blue jeans.

  20SANDY的红色女衬衫是由丝绸制成的。Sandy’s red blouse is made of sik.

  21你穿蓝色的衬衫好看。You look great in a blue shirt.

  22大部分年轻人喜欢牛仔裤。Most young people like jeans.



  Simon is playing football with his friends in the playground.


  Millie is writing a letter to her friend about the fashion show.

  3SANDY是篮球队的一名成员。Sandy is a member of the basketball team.

  4他们正在等公共汽车。They are waiting for the school bus.

  5我正在寻找我的舞鞋。I am looking for my dancing shoes.

  6你正在做你的家庭作业吗?Are you doing your homework now

  7她正在玩一个新的电脑游戏。She is playing a new computer game.

  8我正躺在床上看电视I am lying on the bed and watching TV.

  9他们正在厨房做饭。They are cooking in the kitchen.


  1妈妈今晚必须去参加一个晚宴。Mum has to go for a big dinner this evening.

  2妈妈穿白色好看。Mum looks great in white.


  I think a pair of white shoes matches her white blouse and her blue skirt.


  I plan to go to Sunshine Park with Millie tomorrow.

  5他们穿在我身上看起来好。They look good on me.

  6妈妈认为运动鞋又舒适又轻便。Mum thinks trainers are light and comfortable.

  7他们适合一段很长的路。They are fit for a long walk.

  8你认为我红色的手套怎样?What do you think of my red gloves

  9它们是由什么制成的?What are they made of

  10它们是由皮革制成的。They are made of leather.

  11它们感觉起来又舒适又光滑。They feel soft and smooth.

  12你带新的帽子看起来可爱。You look lovely in your new hat.

  13它是由羊毛制成的。It’s made of wool.



  Here is my design for a shirt, a jacket, jeans and a pair of trainers.

  2我认为白衬衫看起来干净。I think white shirts look clean.

  3白色与任何颜色相配。White matches any other colour.

  4夹克衫既不长又不大。The jacket is not too long or too large.

  5学生们穿深蓝色好看。Students look smart in dark blue.

  6牛仔裤在学生之间是受欢迎的。Jeans are very popular among students.

  7所以我的设计包括了一条牛仔裤。So my design includes a pair of blue jeans.


  The shirt, the jacket and the jeans are all made of cotton and are very comfortable.

  9也有一双运动鞋。There is also a pair of trainers.


  Trainers are light and comfortable, and all the students like them.

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